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Project :-

Prohibition, Excise, Registration department

Managed By :-

Destiny It services Pvt Ltd.

Service Category :-

Technical Manpower

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Number of Manpower :-


Excise, Registration department

The Education Department Bihar (EDB) is overseen by Destiny IT Services Pvt Ltd, a reputable management entity specializing in comprehensive housekeeping and maintenance solutions. Under its meticulous administration, EDB ensures the upkeep of educational facilities to create a conducive learning environment. Beginning its project journey in June 2023, EDB, managed by Destiny IT Services, stands committed to delivering top-notch services for the benefit of educational institutions.

In alignment with its service category, the project focuses on comprehensive housekeeping and maintenance, encompassing various aspects of facility management. The dedicated workforce of 400 individuals, employed by Destiny IT Services, plays a pivotal role in maintaining cleanliness, safety, and functionality across educational campuses. This concerted effort aims to elevate the standards of educational infrastructure, contributing to an enriched learning experience for students and facilitating the smooth functioning of academic operations.