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Board Of Directors

Intajar Ali (Director)

Intajar Ali is an engineering graduate with a creative mindset and adaptive qualities. Intajar's ability to be a responsive leader makes him an asset for the organization. A man with a mission and vision, one of the directors of Destiny IT Services Pvt. Ltd. A young, dynamic, and inspiring director is not only technically sound but also running the organization smoothly. Moving with the idea of delivering with development, Intajar Ali not only makes better use of skills and technology but together nourish young talent, which makes our organization an ocean where youth meets with experience to achieve better outcomes.


Being dynamically progressive and having the thrust to cope with all the odds make him an enthusiastic representative. That mindset of leading from the front and allowing the destiny family to discover and innovate new ideas together with values makes him a little different. That caring and disciplinary attitude provides the organization with a limitless sky where everyone tries to fly high, falls in that progress, but never stops until and unless they start living with success.

Bindesh kumar panday (Director)

Bindesh Kumar Panday is an MBA by qualification. Being an administrator, he is truly a deserving leader, a leader who not only leads but together provides a friendly environment that makes everyone think beyond their limits.A man with an attractive personality, one of the directors of Destiny IT Services Pvt. Ltd. A versatile personality that itself carries an ocean of knowledge and experience. Carrying a lot of experience, he serves as a tree for the organization, a tree that not only bears fruit but together provides a shadow where everybody in the organization is growing.

Being an attractive listener,he runs the organization very well. His quality of listening with patience provides each and every member of the destiny with a caring hand that helps them deliver the best outcomes. A man of qualities, Bindesh's progressive idea provides the organization with a motivational approach where everyone starts finding something special in them.

Aamir Khan (Director)

Aamir Khan is a graduate (BA) by qualification. A people's man who cares for each and every member of their destiny family, his idea of interacting in a sophisticated manner makes him a leader of quality. An attractive man with a visionary approach, one of the directors of Destiny IT Services Pvt. Ltd. A young brain who knows how to socially connect and how to deliver the most from the resources available. With a mindset of never giving up and having a fighting spirit in every situation, he is the backbone of the organization..


A man with positivity who is always ready to face any type of challenge. A never-give-up attitude not only makes him a deliverable personality, but together they work as a booster, which makes another member of the organization deliverable. He is the backbone of the organization and always stands for the organization.